Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cyber-bullying - 

This is a very sensitive subject for many people because of how easy it is to be victims or have family members become victims of this crime. Technology has grown dramatically over the years which makes it easy to be used and have access to. When I was growing up cell phones were not even in use yet. Now, everyone has cell phones, even kids that you think are too young to have them. Social networking has changed since smartphones came out. You don't even have to be around a desktop computer to access these websites and connect with thousands of people in the palm of your hand. This can be a great thing when used for the right reasons, however, it can be a very effective and damaging as well. Just a few months ago I had a rude awakening with how this can become a huge problem. My stepdaughter is 12 and has her own cell phone in order to contact my wife and I when we are not together especially when she is at her dad's for the summer. So I needed to use her phone for something and show that she is on every social media app known to the internet with very little supervision. After having classes in administration of justice and seeing the threat of cyber-crime I quickly started monitoring what she does on her phone. Hearing the story of a girl close to my stepdaughters age where she ended up committing suicide because of cyber-bullying. There should be classes in schools that covers the good and the bad of technology when it comes to phones, social media, and the internet, set specifically to help reduce cyber-crime against our youth. Even more so, we as adults and parents should be monitoring all of our children's online access. The more and more advanced technology gets the more dangerous it can become.